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In Tuspaintour our tours offer the best of Valencia. Nobody knows Valencia like us, its customs, its people, its monuments, its gastronomy and its history. If you want to teach you what you can offer the visitor Valencia hires us, we specialize in Valencia Valencia because we want our city and know and who better to teach us?. 


HISTORICAL VALENCIA CITY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES: It will tell you and teach you as Valencia was born in Roman times. His stage Arab Conquest of James I, to this day where the City of Arts and Sciences wonder every visitor with its five modern architecture that have made a benchmark Valencia to visit.


LA ALBUFERA:  A freshwater lake declared Natural Park for its wildlife and vegetation next to the sea and separated from it only by a line of dunes. Place of migratory birds. Its name comes from the Arabic, was known as The Mirror of the sun. They are wonderful sunsets where the lake becomes a mirror. We can not miss a boat pass through this spectacular lake.


FALLERO MUSEUM: If something is representative of Valencia is the Fallas festival where Carton colossal stone monuments were reduced to ashes the day of San José, in the traditional "Cremà". Its people dressed in traditional costume typical rich in women, is undoubtedly one of the suits or folklore richest Spain, walk the streets of Valencia for the duration of the party with the bands long tradition in these lands.


REQUENA: One of the emblematic Villas Valencia with a history that goes from the Romans to the present day. Strolling through the medieval streets with old houses is an experience of moving to the Middle Ages, not forgetting the outskirts of the town with a monumental bullring. But if anything is known Requena is for its wines and cavas of international prestige, its landscape of vineyards and wineries that definitely should not miss.